Prof. Keel's course on Galaxies

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Prof. Keel's course on Galaxies

Postby Shahram » Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:19 am

Galaxies and the Universe - WWW Course Notes

Here is content of course:
This material is based on graduate courses taught at Leiden University and the University of Alabama, updated to the most recent time I've taught AY 620 (Extragalactic Astronomy) in Tuscaloosa. The current version is being revised during the fall of 2012. For my physically present students,

Virtual lectures are available for these topics:
Introduction - the Universe of galaxies
History - the discovery of galaxies
Catalogues and data sources
Galaxy classification
Photometric components
Global properties and systematics
Gas in galaxies
Dust in galaxies
Stellar content
Star formation
Starburst galaxies
Environmental effects on galaxies
Dynamics of disk galaxies
Dynamics of ellipticals, central masses
Dark matter
The Hubble constant and distance scale
Groups and clusters of galaxies
Large-scale structure, biasing

Galaxy interactions and mergers
Hot intracluster gas
Intergalactic matter, QSO absorption-line systems
Active nuclei: discovery and taxonomy
Extragalactic radio sources
Emission-line spectra and their interpretation
AGN structure; central masses
BAL QSOs, accretion phenomenology
Jets, superluminal sources, gamma-ray bursts
Host galaxies of AGN and their environments
Alternate views - starbursts as AGN, redshift controversy
Evolution of QSOs
Evolution of galaxies
Observational cosmology
Cosmology in the simple Friedman universe
Cosmic microwave background radiation
Galaxy formation
The pregalactic Universe and nucleosynthesis

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